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The Law Office of Laura E. Copp is here to help you with sex-related charges near the Texas Panhandle. Laura Copp is the sex crimes defense attorney you want on your side in the courtroom. These cases can be highly emotional, so you need a level-headed expert to guide you through it. She can help you rebuild your reputation and protect your rights. If you need a sex abuse lawyer, then give her office a call for a free consultation. Attorney Copp has the experience you need from your sexual assault lawyer. Don't waste any more time searching for "sex offender lawyers near me." Instead, give her a call for sound, professional advice from an attorney you can trust. As a sex crimes defense attorney, she provides service to people accused of serious sex crimes. Laura Copp will fight for your rights fervently in court.

Sex Abuse Lawyers

Attorney Copp is the sex abuse lawyer that can help you maintain your rights near the Texas Panhandle. Being convicted of a sex crime comes with a variety of consequences. These include such punishments as the sex offender registry and possible jail time. This kind of punishment will permanently affect your ability to find a job or maintain housing. Because of this, you need a capable sex crimes defense attorney that will help you preserve your reputation in the community.

You deserve the strongest defense possible for your case. So, get a sex abuse lawyer who pays attention to the details to find evidence for court or a case dismissal. The Law Office of Laura Copp can help you handle false accusations that could damage your career. Consider giving her  office a call today for a free consultation and then she can discuss your options near the Texas Panhandle.  Because keeping your record clean and your reputation clear is a sex crimes defense attorney’s focus for every case. 

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If you are on the wrong side of the law, you need a COPP!

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Sexual Assault Lawyer

Hiring a sexual assault lawyer you can trust is incredibly important. So, you need a sex crimes defense attorney with experience in this specific area of law. Laura Copp specializes as a sex crimes defense attorney and knows the specifics of the law. Because of this, you know you are getting the best possible defense strategy for your unique case. If the police question you about your relationship with a child, then you may be under investigation. Do not hesitate to speak with a professional. Instead, contact Laura Copp for a free consultation and options today. 

Attorney Copp is honest and transparent at every step of the process, so you always know you are getting the best possible service. Her sexual assault lawyer services uncover the details as she reviews the evidence to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Sex Offender Lawyers Near Me

Do you need a “sex offender lawyer near me”? Even if you are accused of a serious crime, you don’t deserve the maximum punishment. So, consider hiring a professional to help you move forward and maintain your rights. Laura Copp is the sex crimes defense attorney near the Texas Panhandle that is here to help citizens maintain their freedoms. If you are in need of a quick response and professional advice, then contact her office or make an appointment. We are proud to serve the communities near the following counties:

  •   Randal County, TX
  •   Potter County, TX
  •   Armstrong County, TX
  •   Briscoe County, TX
  •   Carson County, TX
  •   Castro County, TX
Attorney Copp can help you beat false accusations. Quit wasting time searching for the right “sex offender lawyers near me.” Instead, give her a call to make the step toward a strong defense for your case. You deserve the best possible defense on your case because the penalties can be severe. Laura Copp understands the importance of a strong defense, so contact her office near the Texas Panhandle.

For information on probation, please see our Probation Violation Hutchinson, TX page.
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  • Jenny Akin Avatar

    Laura is an affordable and compassionate attorney. She is always available when I need her and has been extremely willing to help me out even when it wasnt related to what i initially hired her for. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney.

    Jenny Akin 3/13/2019
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    Excellent service, she was able to address all of my needs. She helped me out of a tight spot.

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    Affordable and kind. She's always available even on nights and weekends.

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    Laura is a very dedicated, compassionate lawyer. She will do everything that she can to help you win your case, and is constantly available to answer your questions and help you through the legal process. She's also very affordable and will always go the extra mile for her clients. If you live in the Amarillo area, this is your gal.

    Alexandra Gallagher 3/30/2019
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    Laura is an excellent and dedicated attorney. I highly recommend her services. If you are looking for someone to get the job done she is your person!

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